Call for papers

Here you can download DEMSEE 2011 leaflet in pdf.

Conference subject areas

The conference subjects cover the field of electric energy sector, i.e. modern power systems operation, control, development, planning, analysis, economics, regulation etc. The emphasis is given to the south-eastern Europe region and its integration into global systems. Experiences from other countries and environments are highly appreciated. Examples of topics included are:

Power system operation and control in the liberalized environment

On-line control - FACTS and HVDC, dynamic security assessment, on-line monitoring - PMU and WAMS, vehicles and grid, black out prevention, protection and control integration, ISO/TSO system control issues, data exchange issues, system dynamics, containment of massive amount of intermittent generation.

Energy markets, deregulation and economics - specifics and integration into global trends

Market clearing, pricing, tariffs and metering, competition and risk management, generation scheduling, independent power producers, emission allowances and trading, generation capacity, legislation, codes and regulation, expansion and long term planning, power system economics.

Renewable energy sources, distribution, SmartGrids, consumption

Renewable and distributed power sources, energy storage, distribution development, Smart Grids for transmission and distribution, demand side participation and response.

Development and planning of electricity systems - global trends and regional response

Global trends in power system development, regional power system development and impact of global trends, infrastructures and investments in electricity sector, information exchange needs, standardization, new tools for technical performance assessment, power quality, integration of massive amount of renewables.

Education, training

Ageing workforce, knowledge management, program accreditation, operator certification.

Special Session


Future development of the European electric power system brings challenges in various fields of technical engineering. Many R&D projects have been conducted to increase efficiency, reliability and flexibility of the pan-European power grid under deregulated electricity market and growing environmental constraints. It has been determined that investments, in terms of knowledge, technology and infrastructure, are needed to support load demand, renewable energy targets and provide security of supply. Especially the south-eastern countries are expected to play an important role in integrating new power transfer capabilities to transfer bulk power from distant power stations to consumers all-over the Europe.

Who should attend

The aim of the Special Session is to bring together power engineering experts from universities and industry and encourage discussions about future of the European power system and the means to achieve it; nonetheless also professionals from other related sectors are strongly encouraged to participate and share their opinion on this matter.

Number of distinguished professors and experts from industry have been invited and have already confirmed their attendance within the Special session. However, if you consider that your work follows the targets of the Special Session and is within its scope of subject, feel free to indicate this by adding "Special Session" notation to your abstract/manuscript.